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Jennifer Maduro of EPC Electric.

Having grown up in Anaheim and attending Orange Lutheran for high school before moving onto Cal State Fullerton, Jennifer (member of the EPC team for three years) is a true California native.

Similarly, Jennifer is as familiar with the industrial services sphere as Southern California, previously working in HVAC. But her story takes a turn when career and “family” intersect—something she explains to be true at EPC.

An electric connection

When there’s a new addition to a team, it’s normal for both sets of people to experience a warm-up period. But for Jennifer, her transition into EPC was seamless and forged an immediate connection between the crew and herself.

“It’s such a warm group of people here at EPC,” Jennifer says. “We all have the same views—the same beliefs. I immediately clicked with them.” And when Jennifer says family, she means it. “Kay (Carolan) is like a second mom to me.”

Jennifer quickly understood the sense of service that permeates the EPC ethos, stating “We’re small enough to care, but big enough to serve.” In other words, strong relationships and that same sense of familiarity go beyond EPC’s office.

And the electric connection doesn’t stop with each other. “We have great connections with our customers. When we pick up the phone to call a customer, it’s like we’re talking to friends,” Jennifer explains.

A maker at heart

 If there’s one thing that office managers do well, it’s multitasking. And after a hard day’s work, Jennifer often finds herself indulging over her favorite baking shows or even throwing something together herself.

“I watch them ALL,” she laughs. “Great British Bake Off, Nailed It, Top Chef. I’ll watch anything on the Food Network.”

Alternatively, sometimes tired hands need a break themselves—for Jennifer, crocheting brings a sense of relaxation while offering the opportunity to create something special for a loved one. “When I have nothing to do, I crochet,” Jennifer says. “In fact, I recently crocheted a small pink bear—a reading buddy for my first-grade step daughter.”

Real, hands-on drama

Jennifer looks forward to going into the office every day, but there’s something about Wednesdays that’s just so dramatic.

“We’re all obsessed with This Is Us,” she says eagerly. “It’s another example of the bond that connects us here at EPC.”

Although many people enjoy a good binge-watcher, not everyone gets the chance to work on a project for a major television studio complex. When an aging studio in Los Angeles needed an emergency power supply overhaul, the EPC crew got this rare opportunity. The historic complex, which houses eight separate studios, numerous sound stages, and hundreds of offices, is home to some of TV’s most iconic shows.

“We were given a tour of the campus while working on the power supply. This gave us the opportunity to see behind the scenes of the glitz and glamor, which was exciting,” Jennifer says. “But what really left an impression was witnessing the massive project that our company undertook to improve the safety and functionality of an iconic Hollywood studio.”

“To actually see the work we’re doing was incredible,” she explains. “When you’re in the office, it’s sometimes abstract. To see it up close made it so much more real and impressive.”

Safety, and people, are our top priorities

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