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Arc flash incidents are incredibly dangerous—producing a flare of heat hot enough to melt steel—but they’re also largely preventable. Learn about arc safety.

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Under ordinary operation, electrical current safely pumps through the wiring system to a facility’s transformers, fuse boxes, outlets and equipment. When an electrical circuit short circuits or faults, however, an arc of electricity can literally jump from compromised equipment. In a high voltage setting, the result can be a painful, tragic loss of life.

Arc flashes are reported five to ten times a day across the United States. They happen incredibly fast and produce a flare of heat hot enough to melt steel. Expensive equipment can be immediately destroyed and fires can break out. Not to mention the severe danger to technicians and chance for loss of life.

Prioritizing Safety

EPC takes arc flashes seriously. We’ve seen firsthand the deadly results of arc flash incidents. Changing workplace safety regulations have raised the awareness of hazards associated with arc flash blasts. The National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) standard 70E provides guidelines for work involving electrical hazards and the selection of arc flash protective equipment, and EPC takes its own measures to improve safety. EPC accomplishes this by performing Arc Flash analyses, complete with the addition of Arc Flash warning labels to indicate the level of protection required.

OSHA and NFPA state safety programs must include risk assessments to identify potential hazards, including shock and arc flash hazards. The level of risk is based on factors like the configuration of equipment, the presence of safety devices, the type of work being performed, and the potential incident energy. Once the risk level has been established, the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) can be determined. Risk assessments are fully documented and must be performed any time changes are made to a system.


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