Preventative Maintenance

Stopping problems before they start.

Thorough Processes

With scheduled inspections, thorough cleaning of critical components, and testing and analysis of all equipment, we take preventative maintenance seriously.

Our Work

An unscheduled maintenance power outage is likely to bring serious repercussions. Expect the unexpected with a preventative maintenance plan, essential to the safe operation of an electrical system. Deterioration of electrical components and systems is normal and, over time, all systems will eventually fail without scheduled maintenance.

A well-planned maintenance program prevents expensive and potentially dangerous failures. Electrical components fail due to a variety of causes, including circuit overloads and excessive duty cycling. Regular service replaces equipment before it goes bad and catches potential sources of faults before they can cause real damage.

Designed For You

EPC Electric takes preventative maintenance seriously. We tailor comprehensive prevention and maintenance programs to the specific needs of each client and facility, providing ongoing services that reduce risk and extend the lifespan of electrical systems. Our plans include:

  • Regularly scheduled inspections
  • Thorough cleaning and lubrication of critical components
  • Technology assisted testing and analysis
  • Adjustments of all emergency power equipment
  • Detailed written reporting

Preventative maintenance from EPC means less unplanned downtime and fewer operational disruptions. Our focus is on preventing equipment failure, reducing repair and replacement costs, and increasing safety.


EPC provides support to critically important facilities, like high rise buildings, hospitals, military bases, data centers, and more.
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Let's Work Together

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