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Comprehensive Services

Our comprehensive services include ground fault testing, arc flash analysis, retrofits, load studies and recording, transformer breaker testing, and much more.

Proper Care

Switchboards are among the most important factors contributing to the safety and efficiency of an electrical distribution system. Commercial, residential, and industrial facilities rely on switchboards to efficiently distribute electricity to the rest of the system. Neglecting proper maintenance of the switchboard can lead to costly and dangerous failures.

Like all electrical distribution equipment, switchboards slowly deteriorate over time, and thus require routine, scheduled maintenance. Maintaining a system’s switchboards leads to safer working conditions, increased lifespan, and fewer breakdowns and failures. The lifespan of a switchboard will vary depending on environment and operational use. Generally speaking, switchboards should be inspected thoroughly with annual testing.

Maintenance Program

EPC Electric offers clients a comprehensive switchboard maintenance program. Our maintenance protocols include ground fault testing, infrared scanning arc flash analysis, clean and torque connections, and arc flash training in compliance with NEC and NFPA requirements. We perform thorough switchboard cleaning and torquing, and replace obsolete breakers, switches, ATS switches and transformers. EPC handles retrofits, load studies and recording, and testing of transformers and breakers. We also perform accessory replacement and repair and bus duct maintenance. Finally, we handle repairs and upgrades with new or reconditioned products and installations and servicing of power factor correction (PFC).


EPC provides support to critically important facilities, like high rise buildings, hospitals, military bases, data centers, and more.
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Switchboard Maintenance, Testing, & Troubleshooting Service (24/7)
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